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ETS 2 – Brasil Map

ets2 map brasil ETS 2   Brasil Map

ETS 2 Map – Brasil | Size:  0.01 MB


New Map for Euro Truck Simulator 2, Namely the map of Brazil. It’s a fairly large map with many cities, pesaije us new roads, driving experience us. Each stage is an important area in Brazil with more cities.

The map which tested on version 1.3.1 of the game and go smoothly. So the author says thatthere is no need for a new profile will be viable to play.
Tested the new profile.
Enjoy the way!

Author: José Gonçalves dos Santos

Download – Brasil Map

ETS 2 – TSM 2.0 map

ETS 2 Map - TSM 2.0 | Size: 138 MB


Works in 1.3.xx, itry to test it in but doesn’t work
Authors: Trucksim Map TEAM
Harry Piel, merlinta Mario1962 Zeppelin3 LKWaner Streetsurferr1962 Mercedes Fahrer

Thanks for Freddy Jimmink

Download - TSM 2.0 map


ETS 2 – Russia & Ukraina Map

rusia map ets 2 ETS 2   Russia & Ukraina Map


ModOur Russia & Nenko Ukraina” replaces all road signs in Russian; changing city on the map in Russian and Ukrainian, changes the signs of human settlements and signs on the highway to the city that conforms map, shown in the list of goods Russian and Ukrainian cities (on the map) with signs of: RUS and UA; Change the look of garages more like Russian, and also includes a map of “Arctic” (eastern route) from Valera_t.

Author: Monster (Kuksin IA)
Acknowledgement: Valerie (Valera_t) for his invaluable assistance (instructions and suggestions) to create fashion.
Just vote “pilot test”: Omich, Kuzmich, Vetaha.

1. START A NEW GAME DO NOT IF YOU HAVE to ride with the mod “Arctic”, if not, provided that you do not go to Murmansk and Monchegorsk, Kandalaksha, Belomorsk, Petrozavodsk, St. – Petersburg and Vyborg (if you do not fashion had “Arctic” and want to go to the northern part of the map is the beginning of a new game is inevitable).

2. If there is a mod “Arctic” with patches or Final Version: “eastern route” from Valera_t, can delete. The mod includes the final version.

3. Conflicts with the mod fashion “Ai Traffic Mod by Sintclair”, when used will not be flown, but the country will not be displayed. Right to modify the fashion “Ai Traffic Mod by Sintclair” I do not know.

Installation: Copy the files: zzzzzRussia & Ukraina.scs and zzzzzzzzRussia & Ukraine.scs folder mod. Test for version 1.2.5

Download – Russia & Ukraina Map

ETS 2 – TRUL Winter_ver. final

snow map ETS2 ETS 2   TRUL Winter ver. final

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Map – TRUL Winter_ver. final | Size: 400 MB

Author: Trul


  • Shortens the time it gets dark, dark to 7 from 17 clock
  • Improved weather the transition from good to bad and vice versa
  • Added snow from the tires for all vehicles in all weather
  • Away lightning during the storm
  • Reduced glare from the road with the lights on truck
  • Rozjaśniono night, which was similar to the winter
  • Changed a huge amount of textures, which allows us to create a winter mood.
  • Away, combines tractors, grain, hay sheaves and briquettes without the sodowe.Zmieniono mapę.Zmieniono lanterns lanterns lighting time (earlier).
  • In rivers and lakes are now ice. Changed the leafless trees, and much smaller changes such as the replacement of the storm in the sound of the wind.
  • Unfortunately the company “SCS” is not implemented in the snow game, so
  • rainy rain snow rain texture changed from to a certain degree, to snow like it.
  • Shortens the time of the day. Changed the texture of the sky, four new transition times of the day with textures chosen very carefully copper phase seasons go.
  • Added skid on the road. The slip is assigned to the road and is suitable for various surfaces, rainfall increases during various

Download – TRUL Winter_ver. final | Part 1 / Part 2

ETS 2 Maps – Mamonovo Map

ETS 2 Mamonovo Map ETS 2 Maps   Mamonovo Map

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Map – Mamonovo Map | Size: 31 MB

Download – Mamonovo Map

ETS 2 – Winter Mod v3.3

ETS 2 Maps – Winter Mod v3.3 | Size: 69 MB

Author: edit.goba6372

Download – ETS 2 Winter Mod v3.3